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Frequently Asked Questions

1Want to know more about CLUBTAC?

The Standard Crate:

Interpreted Analogy: You are a Private First Class that just left Basic Training Boot Camp

This subscription gets you a monthly package delivery that focuses on very cool and practical survival/tactical gear. Also included in these boxes are tactical technology items, and some items that are just plain awesome in their own military way! The gear is handpicked and tested by our team which consists of former marine snipers, survivalist experts, and technology specialists – which is an amazing value in itself. We put a focus on quality and practicality, and there’s no doubt that you’ll love it. These crates typically consist of 4-6 items & typically has a msrp retail value ranging from $110.00 - $150.00 per package.

The Pro Crate:

Interpreted Analogy: You a Sergeant that gets it done & doesn’t take crap for an answer

This is the package of gear for those that are starting their bug out bag, and want more beefier gear. This box provides you with an amazing value and is an incredible upgrade from the Standard Crate. It’s for those who are making a stockpile of gear and want to be prepared for anything that comes along in life. It's a great medium between the Standard and Premium Crate. These crates typically consist of 5-7 items & typically has a msrp retail value ranging from $160.00 - $250.00 per package.

The Premium Crate:

Interpreted Analogy: You are a 1st Lieutenant that was just promoted to Captain. You eat .556 round for breakfast just because 7.62 rounds don’t taste right. You have a wall of medals. You remember all your battles. You remember all your victories. Oh that’s, right…because you have no losses you raw dog son -of -a ******

Everything in the Standard + Pro Crates, + specifically handpicked items that were tested by our team of specialists and snipers - these Premium specialty items are badass enough to make any grown man cry, make your girlfriend think you’re hotter, and make your wife think your crazier. We ship bundled packages out with custom products you will not find in stores, and some include bullet proof armor, concealed carry packs, ballistic masks, and other rare, custom gear with a preference towards made in the USA. We know, there are a lot of gear choices out there and most of them are low in quality. We do the job sorting through the noise to find you the best stuff, which is essentially the stuff that we carry and approve. These crates typically consist of 7-9 items & typically has a msrp retail value ranging from $300.00 - $415.00 per package.

The Legendary Crate:

Interpreted Analogy: You are a Colonel that was just promoted to General. You slap the man that eats .556 rounds for breakfast because you just sh*t out 155mm shells... You don’t’ have a wall of medals, you have a museum of medals. Other Officers salute you, then ask for your autograph. Victory is inevitable… You simply work on minimizing casualties to achieve flawless victories. Zombies turnaround from your home driveway and run due to the fact that THEY KNOW WHAT KIND OF GEAR YOU HAVE. You sir…Are a Beast…. And the world salutes you.

Everything in the Standard, Pro, and Premium Crates + Rare HARD CORE Gear that you may never find, or be able to obtain in a lifetime-except from ClubTac. These crates are so rare, that we can only ship 4 a year. That’s it. These crates have gear that’s designed for covert-ops missions, and have impressed former navy seals with what’s included. Due to the costs of these crates, they are very limited. These crates typically consist of 14+ items & typically has a msrp retail value ranging from $700.00 - $1,000.00+ per package.

2When will my crate ship?

Depending on how you became a member of the ClubTac Team will determine your crates shipment date.

Members that signed up directly through our site: Crates are shipped on the 5th of the month. If you've placed your order on or before the 2nd of any given month, your crate will be shipped that month. If you place your order after the 5th of the month, your crate will be shipped the following month.

Members that signed up through a 3rd party promo or advertisement: Typically will have a crate shipment date of the exact date they became a member.

If you have any questions about your membership, please email us at Support@ClubTac.com

3How will I know my order shipped, and how do I track my order?

Every time a crate ships out with your name on it, we will send you an email with tracking info. So no worries there!

4How do I pause my crate or change my shipping information?

When you subscribe to any of the clubs, you create an account that you can log into and make changes to your account including updating shipping or billing information or pausing/canceling your auto renewal. You can login to your account here: Login

Or you can email us directly at: Support@ClubTac.com

Please Note: Pausing/Canceling your subscription only pauses/cancels the auto renewal of the original term. It DOES NOT initiate a refund for the remainder of a term or the original order.

5What if I have questions about my order?

How do I get in touch? We take customer service seriously. Each time you email or call, you will receive a response from a real human being. Give us a call at 1-844-9-CLUBTAC , which is 1-844-925-8282, anytime Monday – Friday from 9am – 9pm EST/STD. Or email us directly at Support@CLUBTAC.com



Someone in Brighton, CO subscribed: ClubTac Standard - Private First Class